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Appointment of a permanent FEI Secretary General
4 August 2006

The Evaluation Panel, HRH Princess Haya (FEI President), Simon Brooks-Ward (Chairman, FEI Strategic Planning Committee) and Ken Lalo (Chairman, FEI Judicial Committee), who will recommend the appointment of the next FEI Secretary General, have selected the short-listed candidates that will be interviewed by the Evaluation Panel on 23 and 24 August.

The Evaluation Panel made the selection from applicants that presented a variety of management skills and equestrian experiences. They were also from a diverse range of nations. The selection of the short-listed candidates was made in accordance with the criteria that have previously been published by the FEI.

The selection of the short-listed candidates was made following the cut-off date for applications of 31 July 2006.

The selected short-listed candidates are (in alphabetical order):

? Andrew Finding (GBR)
? Tom Gordin (FIN)
? Alain Guillet (SUI)
? Michael Stone (IRL)
? Franz Venhaus (AUS)
? Ingmar de Vos (BEL)

Following the interviews of the shortlisted candidates, the selected candidate shall be presented for formal approval by the FEI Bureau at an Extraordinary Meeting, to be held on 28 August 2006. The successful candidate will be announced to the NFs and media after this meeting.

The interviews of the shortlisted candidates will be conducted in Europe. In order to make the process fair, equal and transparent it was determined that the interviews would involve the following:

Each candidate will need to give a PowerPoint presentation of up to 15 minutes detailing their suitability for the appointment and their views on horse sport now and in the future.

Each candidate will be asked one question from each of the Regional Groups that have provided them, and up to 3 questions selected by the Evaluation Panel. The questions will be the same for each candidate. This will last no more than 25 minutes.

Closing Remarks
Each candidate will be allowed five minutes to make closing remarks.

Candidates are to have their Referees ready to be contacted by the Evaluation Panel at the time of the interview.

Each presentation and interview will be filmed. The interview process for each candidate will be scheduled at one and a half hours intervals and will allow time for discussion by the Evaluation Panel.

Candidates are expected to cover their own expenses in getting to and from the interview. All shortlisted candidates have signed a Confidentiality and Consent Undertaking.

For further information, please contact Alex McLin, FEI General Counsel, at a.mclin@horsesport.org

British Equestrian Federation Press Statement

FEI Secretary General Appointment

The FEI have issued a notice today publishing the names of the candidates to be interviewed for the appointment of Secretary General to the FEI.

Our Chief Executive, Andrew Finding, is one of the candidates. He considers himself to be immensely privileged to have been short listed and feels equally privileged to serve the British Equestrian Federation where he is very happy. He has no desire to leave his current appointment but sees the opportunity as one not to be missed for him and his family.

He does not propose to make a statement on the matter, if at all, until the FEI have decided whom they wish to appoint.

It is expected that the FEIs decision will be made after their Bureau meeting on 28 August.