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Proposals for New Competition and Financial Structure
20 October 2006


The proposals set out in the following papers are those that have been at least ten months in gestation. It has been obvious to all that structural and financial changes were essential for our survival.

As you all know a sub-committee was set up after the brain storming session at the beginning of the year to produce plans. Those plans were shown to, and approved by, your Council just before the Nationals.

You will see that the principle of ?the user pays? has been adopted. This applies as much to affiliation fees as it does to competitors in National events. You will see that all cost have been analysed and fairly allocated. We propose a logical event pattern. We are allowing the events to choose whether they operate on a two- or three-day schedule, or possibly a combination of both, but there is strong feeling that having packed the enormous amount of equipment needed for both the human and equine entourage, it is preferable to make the effort to go for three rather than two days.

We believe that the new proposals for novices will benefit both the clubs and the members and produces a ladder of competitions that will appeal. The plans will be adopted in full next year.

Chairman, BHDTA
20 September 2006

2007 Financial Arrangements for Members

Horse registration is to be dropped in order to reduce costs for members, existing and new, and to save time in the office at a busy time.

Subscription income has been left on exactly the same basis as this year except for a cost of living increase of approximately 4%, with an assumed drop in membership across the board of 10%.

Affiliation Fees have been split to show the pure insurance recovery part and then a second part to recover 20% of overhead costs from club members with a deduction for those club members who are BHDTA members so that they do not pay twice. A minimum figure of ?300 is suggested. An assumption has been made that club members come to approximately 2600.

Start Fees are proposed at Nationals on a fairly substantial basis but the thinking behind this is that horse registration is abolished and the frequent National competitor should pay a higher price (the user pays). It is also suggested that start fees are not included in the event entry fee but collected by the event organiser when paperwork is handed out and that it is payable to the BHDTA.

Start Fees at club events were considered and were attractive from a financial point of view. However, they are not being introduced at this time as it was felt that this would not be popular with club members who only wish to compete in club competitions. Therefore they will only apply to Novice Qualifiers at Club events.

A voluntary ?introductory membership? at ?70 is proposed to assist the transition from club to national level, particularly when the cancelling of horse registration is also taken into account.

The ?introductory membership? for Novice Qualifier competitors is compulsory.

The current one National event free of membership rule is abolished in view of the introductory membership.


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