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World Championships for Drivers with Disabilities
Hellendoorn, Holland, 7th ? 10th Sept 2006

Whilst horse teams are heading off to Germany and horse singles preparing for the long journey to Italy, the lesser publicised but no less talented team of single horse and single pony drivers representing Great Britain in the World Championships for Carriage Drivers with Disabilities gathered at Ashfields Carriage Driving Centre in Essex for their final three day training session.

Jill Holah was there once again over the weekend. She has kindly supported the team throughout its selection and training, giving help and advice from a judge?s perspective, and Rachel Stevens, team trainer, has been working with each individual across all three phases.

The approach of this group of people has been a great example of professionalism and teamwork and it is amazingly satisfying to be able to reflect back to those cold winter days earlier in the year, and to think just how far they have all come.

Preparation has been extremely thorough, with a mix of competition and training over the past few months, leaving each team member to now focus on attention to the smallest detail in the last two weeks before the World Championships.

Terry Chambers? extensive dressage, cones and obstacle facilities at Ashfields, as well as the organisation, support and hospitality extended by Wilf Bowman Ripley and Zoe Morgan, have been just outstanding - the team remains extremely grateful to them all.

All plans are now in place for Hellendoorn, Holland, where the team will arrive in good time for final training before the opening ceremony on Wednesday 6th September.

Other competing nations will be Norway, Sweden, Ireland, USA, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

The team, pictured below, comprises (from left to right):

Driver: Judi Ralls, Horse: Charlie, owned by Angela Flanagan Backstepper: Marcin Driver: Lindsey Tyas, Horse: Jack, owned by Lindsey Tyas Backstepper: Paul Tyas Trainer: Rachel Stevens Driver: Terry Kirby, Pony: Megan, owned by Rowena Coldwell Backstepper: Rowena Coldwell

In addition to the team, competing individually in the Pairs competition of the World Championship will be: Driver: Brenda Hodgson, Ponies: Goldie and Rush, Backstepper: David Hodgson