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Dudek enjoys a new lease of life
10 May 2006

Followers of Carriage Driving may be interested to know that the late Mary Matthews' horse Dudek, nicknamed Brandy, who has been in semi-retirement since her death, is having a new lease of life.

Now looked after by Joanna Beazley-Richards, he recently completed the Sponsored Drive around Windsor Great Park, alongside her old trooper Fella.

Both horses are now 19 years old, and they completed the drive with such ease that Joanna intends to try a Windsor Park Equestrian Club event with them later this year.

Joanna comments ?compared with the self-righteous warmbloods I usually drive, these little horses are a treat. They are grateful for the chance of getting out and about, whereas the warmbloods think that I should be grateful to them for condescending to be driven by me ! "

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