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British Drivers at Conty
8 May 2006

Four British drivers competed at CAI-A Conty, France at the end of April. Angela Flanagan, Julie Camm, Rosemary Neale and Robert Buck were all in the Single Pony class.

Rosemary Neale phoned us with this report.

After dressage the Brits were excellently placed in the 19-strong class, with Julie Camm lying in 2nd, Rosemary Neale 5th,  Angela Flanagan 6th and  Robert Buck 7th.

Then the marathon when, as expected, one or two didn?t fair as well due to inexperienced and young ponies. Despite this, Angela managed the 3rd fastest time in Obstacle 8, which placed her 10th in the Marathon. Julie Camm, meanwhile, was 5th fastest in Obstacle 1 and finished 14th. An unfortunate 34 time penalties in the marathon have put Rosemary at the bottom of the class.

However the end result was great and everyone that competed at Conty say they would love to go again and they can recommend it to all. The hospitality, facilities and welcome were all superb.

Final result:

Angela Flanagan - 5th
Julie Camm - 6th
Robert Buck - 15th
Rosemary Neale - 19th

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