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Georgoina Frith at Ashfields
23 April

Georgina Frith and her horse team suffered a nasty accident when exiting the water obstacle at the East Anglia Carriage Driving Group's two day event at Ashfields Carriage Driving Centre on Sunday 23rd April when the carriage slewed violently in to a tree on the wet mud.

We can report that Georgina, Toby and Matt are all battered and bruised but not broken and are all now home. Three horses were thankfully completely unscathed. The fourth,  'Josephine' was taken to Cambridge University where she had an ultrasound scan. This removed the concern that there might be a pneumothorax (ruptured or collapsed lung). There is a lot of bruising of the chest wall and left lung and some consequential fluid. The prognosis is however now very good.

Thanks to everyone who helped out at the time and for all the good wishes received. Thanks also to the East Anglia committee and all their helpers for what was, until that point, a thoroughly enjoyable event."