18-22 July 2007

British Team selection

The 2007 ?campaign? will open with a ?no-pony? meeting at the University of Cambridge Veterinary School on Saturday 18th February, where Dr Frances Henson and Avice O?Connor will show participants around the facilities.

This will be followed by a short veterinary talk and after lunch there will be an opportunity for those attending to discuss the selection procedure and the way forward for the long-list.

The cost is ?10/head. Pre-booking is required and further details are available from Jill Holah at

More information about the British Pony team can be obtained from the Chef d'Equipe - Jill Holah on

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the new selection procedure for the World Pony Championships, there will no longer be a points table shown on the website. Team selection for other Championships still uses the points system and to see the current tables CLICK HERE.

Selection Procedure for 2007 World Pony Championships
  1. Selection panel will consist of:
       Jill Holah (Chef d?Equipe)
       Sydney Smith (BHDTA)
       Liza Wood (Judge)
       Michael Onslow (Chairman, BHDTA) will chair the meetings.
       The team trainers and vets will act in an advisory capacity
       at all stages of the selection process.

  2. Selection to be made on the basis of observation at selection events of which competitors are required to compete at FOUR. Other considerations such as experience and temperament of driver, age and soundness of ponies etc. will be taken into account if final selection is not clear-cut.

  3. Six selection events to be announced:
       (a) Three events during latter half of 2006 season.
       (b) Three events at beginning of 2007.
    Drivers should compete at FOUR of which a minimum of TWO must be in 2007.

  4. Drivers to be asked in the next BHDTA newsletter to put their names forward to the office for the long-list as soon as possible. The earlier candidates submit their names, the more input they will have into future training and other plans. The Selection panel has the discretion to refuse application if they consider pony/ies to be unsuitable for this level of competition. Additions can be made to the long-list at any time by the selection panel. Changes to ponies (including singles) during the selection process can be made with consultation with the selection panel.

  5. Long-listed ponies will be vetted at an early stage to detect and rectify any problems.

  6. It is intended that there will be ongoing discussion throughout the selection period between Selection Panel and drivers re. their selection prospects.

  7. Drivers will be asked to sign a BHDTA selection acceptance form.

  8. The decision of the Selection Panel is final.