Help for a driving newcomer
5 January 2006

I am interested in horse driving trials, but have little experience, and limited finances.

I do have two horses, one a cob who was broken to drive before I bought her (I have however, been told that she was not that willing an apprentice in harness) the other a New Forest who is broken to ride, but not drive.

My dream is to trial my New Forest I was wondering whether there was anyone in my area who would be interested in an extra pair of hands, so that I could gain some more experience, or whether there was anyone that could advise me the best way of going about getting started.

Just one thing, as I work, I could only help out at weekends or evenings. I obviously accept that lessons would be a good idea, and am quite prepared to undertake these, but would also like to get as much experience from volunteering if at all possible as well, as my finances are not likely to stretch too far! I have been shown how to drive (albeit on an totally amateur basis) by a friend who drives out on the Forest, but who does not compete or show in any form.

I realise that I have a lot to learn, but one thing I do not lack is enthusiasm! Just one thing - which I hope will not deter anyone interested in letting me help I am in my mid-forties, but am still fit, and have all my own faculties!

Anyway, perhaps some BHDTA member could help me. I live near Romsey, Hampshire.

Kind regards,

Stephanie Allen

Message from Stephanie, received on 23 January:

Many thanks for posting my article on your website - I have had several promising replies, and would like to thank all those who have been so kind to take the time to reply.

All the replies mention what a friendly sport it is, and their replies only uphold this fact, I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you out there on the competition scene in the not too distant future !

Kind regards,
Stephanie Allen