New FEI Corporate Identity
20 January 2005

The FEI logo

The FEI has evolved greatly over the last few years. It has become a more global organisation and has demonstrated a firm will to involve all stakeholders of equestrian sport in its actions.

In the dynamic context of today's sport scene, where brands are being created not only to attract spectators and participants but to also meet commercial targets, a strong and recognisable brand has become a key element to ensure both the competitive development of the sport and its revenue.

FEI logos - Out with the old and introducing the new

Therefore, market research involving major players of equestrian sport was conducted together with external brand consultants to find out the strategic elements which a new FEI identity should be based on. The two main results that came out of this research were the need to valorise the horse and its role in the sport and to strengthen the presence of the FEI as the sport's governing body.

Following these results, a related branding strategy and a new corporate identity were developed. They reflect the core values of the FEI and will ensure a more consistent and prominent presence across all disciplines and events.

The main objective was to create a new FEI corporate identity that would be strong, clear and recognisable relating directly to the business. Therefore, two main elements were introduced: being the symbol of a horse and the purple colour.

The horse is at the very heart of equestrian sport. In an inspirational way this noble, elegant and proud symbol brings together all horse sports. It is facing forward, looking into the future. All together the horse symbol has created a new and unique brand for FEI.

The purple colour was selected because it is distinctive and modern. The colour differentiates itself from competitors and sponsors. The purple can be considered a strong colour, but at the same time open and accessible.

The implementation of the new brand identity started in early 2005.

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