Horse Passports - one month to go
1st February 2005

With effect from 1st March 2005, all horses and ponies (and other equines) in England will need to have a passport identifying the animal.

After 1st March 2005, owners will not be able to sell, buy, export, slaughter for human consumption, use for the purposes of competition or breeding a horse which does not have a passport.

If they have not already done so, owners of animals born before 30 November 2003 should take action now to apply for a passport so that they will not be restricted in using their horse as they wish after 1st March 2005.

Passport issuing organisations

The BHDTA do not issue horse passports. Please do not contact the BHDTA office to apply for a passport.

It is strongly recommended that the passport for any animal registered with a breed society is obtained from that society, providing they have been authorised to issue passports. The government have appointed a number of official passport issuing organisations, which are listed on the DEFRA website - CLICK HERE to see the list.

For animals which are not registered with a breed society, we have made arrangements with the British Driving Society, who have generously agreed to issue passports for BHDTA members at a special rate of ?12 per passport. Go to

Passport questions and answers

A special section on our website has been set up for dealing with passport questions and answers. Please read it carefully if you are in any doubt about your passport application or requirement.

CLICK HERE to go to our HORSE PASSPORT section.

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