World Cup Driving season 2004/2005
24 September 2004

After the last qualifying competition in Donaueschingen, Germany, World Cup Director Max Ammann announced the names of the ten drivers who will compete in the fourth season of the FEI Driving World Cup.

The top ten drivers in the World Cup qualifying table of 11 events were:

  • Michael Freund, from Germany, triple World Cup Champion and reigning World Champion
  • IJsbrand Chardon from the Netherlands
  • Tomas Eriksson from Sweden
  • Jozsef Dobrovitz from Hungary
  • Zoltan Lazar from Hungary,
  • Werner Ulrich form Switzerland
  • Boyd Exell from Australia
  • Chester Weber from the USA

Both Tucker Johnson and Felix Brasseur who had qualified in 9th and 10th place have decided not to compete. The remaining two drivers, finishing 11th and 12th were:

  • Nicke P?sson form Sweden
  • Fredrik Persson from Sweden

The World Cup competitions will take place in Hannover, Stuttgart and Leipzig in Germany, Stockholm and G?eborg in Sweden, Mechelen in Belgium and ?s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.

The FEI World Cup Driving season 2004/2005 will start on 5th November 2004 in Hanover, Germany.

Each of the 10 drivers will compete in 3 out of the seven World Cup events. The best five drivers of the standings after 's-Hertogenbosch qualify for the Final in G?eborg.

CLICK HERE for a listing of all drivers and venues taking part in the 2004-5 FEI Driving World Cup.

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