Fenix Quick Change Competition

The BHDTA National Championships at Windsor saw the inaugural running of the Fenix Quick Change Competition / Demo.

Conceived by Mark Broadbent of Fenix Carriages to show the uninformed how a team of horses should be unhitched and then hitched correctly, with the added twist of the clock ticking (think Ferrari pit stop for tyre changing in the British Grand Prix !).

It provided great entertainment on the Sunday in the main arena, its popularity evident by the increased number of spectators during the lunch hour when it was held.

Three plucky contenders came forward to test their skills against each other and the clock. With a running commentary by Mark informing the packed ringside of every step in the proceedings, with a bit of coaching history thrown in, it was both educational and very amusing!

The winner was Bob Alexander with his team of Gelderlanders, who beforehand had made the most excuses NOT to do the competition through lack of practise. He and his handlers were slick, quick and very proficient.

John Carter, with his team of Hackney crosses came second, with Terry Selway and his team of Gelderlanders a creditable third. As all the drivers had to remain in the driving seat throughout, it was with much frustration that Terry had to watch as his handlers untangled a mass of traces and reins. What we will do to entertain the crowd!