The Equestrian Channel
20 Sep 2004

The Equestrian Channel, the UK's only TV Channel dedicated to everything Equestrian, is due to launch on Sky TV in 2005.

The aim of The Equestrian Channel is to promote, encourage and advertise all aspects and disciplines relating to the world of equestrianism, thereby filling a glaring gap in the market, which is long overdue.

The Equestrian Channel will cater for not only enthusiast and horse/pony owners, but also those with a general interest thus appealing to a larger audience.

Have your say in what you would like to see on this great new service. The Equestrian Channel have teamed up with StableTalk, who are conducting a survey, which only takes a moment to fill in and will help establish the interests of a potential audience. Go to the StableTalk website and click on the green advert on the left to fill in the survey.

Have you ever fancied being a journalist and reporting for a TV programme/station, have you every watched the telly and thought "I could do that!" well now's your chance.

The Equestrian Channel is also looking for equestrian phone in reporters, from all areas, no experience needed, no age restrictions; all you need is a mobile phone.

If you're at a show/event and think that there's a good story or something worth reporting, or you just think that people should know what's been happening, then all you have to do is call in? Small show/event, big show/event, a breaking news story in your area?

If you are interested, the StableTalk editor would like to hear from you. We would like to know a bit of information about yourself and your contact details. An idea of the shows that you attend?

There is no payment for being a reporter although the cost for making your report (i.e. phone call) will be reimbursed. If you are interested in being a reporter please send an email to us and we will keep you informed of further developments.

The equestrian channel can be contacted on the following:

The Equestrian Channel
PO Box 44
EX20 4QZ
Tel: (01837) 861161
Fax: (01837) 861142