Equine Passports - Clarification
23 April 2004

A reminder to all horse and pony owners that they must obtain Equine Passports for all their animals before 30th June 2004.

We recommend that members should obtain a passport as soon as is convenient for them. Following discussions with the British Driving Society, who are an official passport issuing body, they have generously agreed to issue passports for BHDTA members at a rate of ?12 per passport.

Some confusion exists regarding Section 9 of the passport - this section states whether the animal could be used for human consumption. If the horse is shown as 'for human consumption', the passport can be altered should listed drugs be subsequently administered. However, once the horse is shown as NOT fit for human consumption, this can never be altered.

Holders of FEI Passports

The BEF have confirmed that they are able to insert Section 9 in to an existing FEI Passport. This service is free of charge; all you need do is forward your passport with a stamped addressed envelope.

This offer applies to both current and old (out of date) FEI Passports. If your FEI passport is no longer valid for international travel (an FEI Passport is valid for four years from date of issue) the BEF have assured us that it will remain valid for DEFRA's purposes.

More information about horse passports, together with a list of passport issuing organisations and frequently asked questions is available from our reference section. CLICK HERE to go there.