BBC series - do you fancy it ?
2 February 2004

Two upcoming BBC programs and an opportunity for you (and your horses) to feature on TV.

Test Your Pet (working title)

Discover the feline intellectuals, the canine masterminds and the equine prodigies of the UK animal world. This Spring BBC ONE will investigate just how intuitive Britain?s pets are. Using a series of tests devised by a team of animal behaviourists, Test Your Pet will endeavour to uncover the answers to questions such as What breed of dog has the highest IQ, exactly how long is a goldfish memory, and is a parrot?s ability to talk associated with which claw it uses the most?.

BBC ONE will encourage viewers to look at the animals that they share their lives with in a new light and participate in the biggest ever investigation into the characteristics and capabilities of some of our best loved creatures. Alongside the practical tests, the programme will also be seeking to find the answer to some of the mysteries of the animal kingdom. Find out what cats do at night, what dogs do during the day, and whether your cat purrs when you are not there. Owners will be challenged to prove what their particular breed of animal excels at and every pet from horses to birds can show off its true skills. Join in the nationwide survey of UK pets to help us discover who really is the cleverest pet.

From early March pet owners can register their pets? details and find out more information on the tests at our website, Alternatively, if you know of a particularly intelligent pet who you would like to tell the production team about please call 0117 974 2141 or email

In addition to the above press release, this particular brief is to find stories of unusual behaviours in horses across the UK. Ideally, these behaviours would need to be visually interesting, but in most cases I think that they will be unpublished and will only emerge as personal tales belonging to individual horse owners. The idea is to intercut the actual tests with visual stories that show animals displaying unusually intelligent/different/trained behaviours.

Please contact Will Bolton, Researcher "Test Your Pet", Email:

How we live in Britain today

We have received the following letter at the BHDTA office. Nothing to do with carriage driving, but someone somewhere may be interested. If they chose a driving yard for their "subjects", that would certainly be different.

I hope you don't mind me contacting you but I'm working on a documentary for the BBC about how we live our lives in Britain today.

We are looking for families/households who are interested in being filmed in their home for a period of six months from autumn 2004 until spring 2005.

We are looking for a cross section of British life in the home, as every household is different from people who live alone to large extended families.

The program would involve installing cameras within the home for a period of six months.

I wondered if I could contact your members with a letter or could you include this in a mailshot ?

Many Thanks for your time.

Nicola Colley
Endemol UK
Shepherds Building Central
Charecroft Way
Shepherds Bush
W14 0EE