Freund at the top after Leipzig
26 Jan 2003

Global Driving Team member Michael Freund from Germany has won his second World Cup Driving event of this season in Leipzig and is back in the lead of the World Cup standings with 20 points. Freund also won the first World Cup competition of the season in Stuttgart.

Swedish driver Tomas Eriksson, winner of the competition in Stockholm, finished in second place. Eriksson already knew when he left home that Freund would win this competition and was therefore very pleased with his result. The Swedish four-in-hand driver is currently sharing second place in the standings with Mark Weusthof from the Netherlands.

IJsbrand Chardon, driving a team of Dutch Warmblood horses this time, came third and has moved up to the sixth place in the standings. Chardon had to change one wheeler horse after the warm up competition, in which it had been slightly injured.

Mark Weusthof, leader of the standings before Leipzig, came last. One of his leader horses stepped over the traces, which caused him extra time penalties.

German wild-card driver Ludwig Weinmayr ended in fourth place, followed by his fellow countryman Christoph Sandmann, who has dropped to fourth position in the standings.

It was the first time that Leipzig hosted a World Cup Driving event. The crowd in the sold-out Messe Halle was very enthusiastic. German coursebuilder Wolfgang Asendorf had designed a tough course with many sharp turns. Unlike the previous World Cup events, the width of the obstacles in Leipzig was very tight which caused balls knocked down by every driver.

The next World Cup competition takes place in Bordeaux, France, from 7 to 9 February 2003.

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