FEI Bureau spring meeting
28 April 2003

The FEI Bureau just held its spring meeting on 26 and 27 April 2003 in Madrid (ESP) on the invitation of the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation and the City Council of Madrid.

Further to the cancellation of the 2003 FEI General Assembly due to the Gulf conflict, the Bureau took a number of important decisions which could not be delayed until next year. The following items were discussed, decided and/or will be referred to at the FEI 2004 General Assembly.


The Bureau confirmed that elected positions for 2003 would be deferred until 2004. Bureau Members due to retire or stand for re-elections will serve an extra year. The elections will take place at the 2004 General Assembly and incoming members will serve a reduced term of 3 years. In order to make sure that the best possible candidates are found, these positions will be open for new nominations. However the present candidates will stand and the respective letters of support will be valid for 2004.

Consequently, Mr Jack Pemberton (CAN), Chairman of the Driving Committee (outgoing), accepted to prolong his term by one year.


The Bureau approved the following appointments of Committee Members to the Driving Committee:

Mr Richard Cambray James (GBR) replacing Mr G?Konig
Mr Tomas Torgersen (SWE) replacing Marek Zaleski as representative of the Organisers


The Bureau allocated the following championships:

World Driving (teams) Championships to Kecskem? (HUN) 4 - 8 August (change of location)
World Driving (pairs) Championship to Astorp (SWE) 21 - 27 July (change of location and date)


The Bureau approved a limited number of rules changes to the World Cup Driving. The qualification for the Indoor World Cup will be held during the summer events, i.e. at Championships, CAIOs and at a maximum of 1 CAI-A per country.


The Chairman of the Veterinary Committee reported on the meeting of the Committee which was held in January 2003 in Warsaw. The MCP Annual Report was presented. In 2002, a total of 2000 horses were tested of which 1300 in Group I and II, which resulted in a rate of positives of 3.3%. More than 60% of positive test results related to pain and inflammation management. In 2002, there had been 7 positive test results for valerian (herbal tranquilizer), indicating the wide spread use of herbal medication.

A leaflet was produced to explain the problems of medication and testing in a user friendly way to the riders. This leaflet will be distributed at events and by the MCP Testing Vets and will be sent together with every new Horse passport.

Horse Inspection

Two disciplines (Jumping and Driving) reported some problems with the protocol for Horse Inspection. The rules for inspection were discussed in a separate meeting and a solution was found. The protocol for horse inspections now includes to all FEI disciplines. The complete rules will be published in the FEI Bulletin 2/03.


The 2004 FEI General Assembly was allocated to Paris (FRA)


The next Bureau meeting will be held in Brunei early December 2003.

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