Driving World Cup 2003-4
25 August 2003
CAI-A at Donaueschingen, Germany on 20-24 August was the last of nine qualifying events for the 2003-4 Driving World Cup series. The 10 drivers shown in the table opposite have qualified to compete this winter. In addition, Chester Weber, who won a parallel qualification series in North America, may compete in four of the eight events as extra, i.e. 7th driver, representing the USA. CLICK HERE for the full qualifying points table.

The 2003-4 World Cup Indoor Driving series starts in Stuttgart on 23 November and continues with Stockholm (30 November), Mechelen (28 December), Leipzig (25 January), Bordeaux (8 February), Vigo (15 February), 's-Hertogenbosch (27 Mar) and Gothenburg (11 April).

Place Driver NAT Total points
1 IJsbrand Chardon Ned 78
2 Christoph Sandmann Ger 66
3 Werner Ulrich Sui 65
4 Michael Freund Ger 62
5 Boyd Exell Aus 60
6 Jozsef Bozsik Hun 58
7 Tomas Eriksson Swe 54
8 Gert Schrijvers Bel 53
9 Jozsef Dobrovitz Hun 50
10 Rainer Duen Ger 43

The winner of the 2002-3 World Cup was Michael Freund from Germany (pictured left, driving his winning round at G?eborg, Sweden).

Each qualified driver will chooses 4 venues at which he will compete. In addition, a "wildcard" driver from each hosting country will be included in their home competition, giving a starting field of 6 drivers at every venue.

IJsbrand Chardon, as the winner of the qualification series, could select his four events first. The 9 other drivers, one at a time, could select their events in order of their placing in the qualification table. Below is the time-table for all 10 drivers in the forthcoming 2003-4 World Cup Series:

Stuttgart (GER)
19-23 Nov 2003
  Christoph Sandmann (GER)   Werner Ulrich (SUI)
  Michael Freund (GER)   Joszef Boszik (HUN)
  Joszef Dobrovitz (HUN)    

Stockholm (SWE)
28-30 Nov 2003
  IJsbrand Chardon (NED)   Michael Freund (GER)
  Boyd Exell (AUS)   Tomas Eriksson (SWE)
  Gert Schrijvers (BEL)    

Mechelen (BEL)
26-30 Dec. 2003
  IJsbrand Chardon (NED)   Werner Ulrich (SUI)
  Tomas Eriksson (SWE)   Gert Schrijvers (BEL)
  Rainer  Duen (GER)    

Leipzig (GER)
22-25 Jan. 2004
  IJsbrand Chardon (NED)   Christoph Sandmann (GER)
  Werner Ulrich  (SUI)   Tomas Eriksson (SWE)
  Rainer  Duen (GER)    

Bordeaux (FRA)
06-08 Feb. 2004
  Michael Freund (GER)   Boyd  Exell (AUS)
  Joszef Boszik  (HUN)   Gert Schrijvers (BEL)
  Joszef Dobrovitz (HUN)    

Vigo (ESP)
13-15 Feb. 2004
  Michael Freund (GER)   Boyd  Exell (AUS)
  Joszef Boszik  (HUN)   Gert Schrijvers (BEL)
  Joszef Dobrovitz (HUN)    

's-Hertogenbosch (NED)
25-28 March 2004
  IJsbrand Chardon (NED)   Christoph Sandmann (GER)
  Boyd  Exell (AUS)   Joszef Dobrovitz (HUN)
  Rainer  Duen (GER)    

G?eborg (SWE)
08-12 April 2004
  Christoph Sandmann (GER)   Werner Ulrich (SUI)
  Joszef Boszik  (HUN)   Tomas Eriksson (SWE)
  Rainer  Duen (GER)    

During the winter months, we will be bringing you reports and results from all the World Cup events and we will be updating the points table. More information is also available from the World Cup Driving website at