British team at Haras de Jardy
2 July 2003

Three drivers have been selected to represent Britain at the World Horse Pairs Championships in Haras de Jardy, France on 18-21 September 2003.

After four qualifying events, the highest placed drivers in the selection league were: John Attenborough, Terry Selway and Wilf Bowman-Ripley. The non-travelling reserve driver is Joanne Hartland.

John Attenborough
John is a Management Consultant from Appleby, Cumbria. He is a former International Pony Paris competitor, but it was in 1988 when he got hooked when a friend?s section A pony was stabled with his eventers. He was the Chef d?Equipe of Great Britain?s gold medal World Horse Pairs Championship team in 1997. In 2003 he was 1st at Newnham, 4th at Farleigh, 1st at Sandringham and 2nd at Alnwick. He drives Dutch and Belgian warmbloods HAYTON LEO, HAYTON ANDY and HAYTON IDI. John married his partner, Jo Charlesworth, in 2001. Jo Attenborough trains the horses and his groom is Susan Sowerby.

Terry Selway
Terry is a Businessman / Property Landlord from Little Baddow in Essex. He is a former International Horse Pairs and Horse Tandems competitor. His father had working horses in London. Terry started with Hackneys then with his wife Danielle?s liver chestnut Gelderlanders, LUKE & FLORIS, moved into Horse Driving Trials. He also competes in Coaching Marathons with Four-in-Hand and park drag and is a member of the Coaching Club of Great Britain. In 2003 he represented Great Britain in the Land Rover International Driving Grand Prix at Royal Windsor. He was 5th at Brighton, 2nd at Newnham, 1st at Farleigh, 4th at Sandringham, 1st at Henbury Hall, 3rd at Lowther and 4th at Alnwick. He drives warmblood gelderlanders LUKE, ISAAK, EPO and CONGO. He is married to Danielle and they have 2 children. Danielle trains the horses and is his groom and navigator.

Wilf Bowman-Ripley
Wilf is a professional trainer and horseman from Great Canfield in Essex, he teaches carriage driving and, along with partner Zoe Morgan, runs WBR Carriages. He was born in Penrith, Cumbria and started driving as a groom for George Bowman in 1981. He was twice National Champion in Horse Pairs and National Four-in-Hand competitor. He was a member of the Great Britain gold medal-winning team in the 1997 World Pair Driving Championships at Riesenbeck in Germany. In 2003 he was 3rd at Newnham, 2nd at Farleigh, 2nd at Sandringham, 2nd at Henbury and Lowther and 1st at Alnwick. He is also the Points League Champion. He drives Cobs ALBERT, DEL BOY and RILEY.

Mick Peace, Chef d'Equipe
Mick is a retired Veterinary Surgeon, he qualified at Bristol in 1960. He worked in Dereham in Norfolk, Derby and moved to Nuneaton in 1963, where he became the original partner of Paws Veterinary Group, he continues to reside in Nuneaton today. When he was 11 years old an old hunting horse in front kicked up some stone, which broke Mick?s teeth ? he has worn false teeth ever since! He started driving singles in 1981. In 1994 he competed in Horse pairs with his wife?s single (1/4 hackney, CURLEW) and his own single (3/4 hackney, RANGER). He was 3rd in the Beneficial Points League in the 1980s. He was the Official Team Vet? to the World Pairs in Swettle, Austria in 1981. His wife, Jilly does all the training and will groom on cones and dressage once her broken leg has repaired!

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