British team at Karlstetten
30 June 2003

After four qualifying events, the following drivers have been selected to represent Britain at the World Combined Pony Championships in Karlstetten, Austria on 14-17 August 2003.

Back row - Boyd Exell (team trainer), Julie Camm, Philippa Gammell, Liz Rowe, Sara Howe, Emily Bennett, Bob Johnston (Chef d'Equipe). Front row - Jo Rennison, Georgina Frith, Ursula Hirschberg, John Pickford. Photo by 'Sportshoot'

With two wins at Brighton and Hopetoun and a third place at Newnham, Julie Camm topped the Single Pony selection table. Close behind, with a win at Newnham and third places at Hopetoun and Sandringham came Sara Howe. Only one points separated Jo Rennison and Ursula Hirschberg at the top of the Pony Pairs table and Emily Bennett and John Pickford both qualified with their Pony Teams.

If invited by the event organisers to also send individual drivers, they will be the next highest placed drivers - Liz Rowe in Single Pony, Georgina Frith in Pony Pairs and Philippa Gammell in Pony Teams.

Boyd Exell has been appointed as trainer for the British team.

for the complete selection tables and details of the selection procedure.

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As well as money raised at the Auction of Promises, which took place at the Sandringham Driving Trials, the major supporter of the British team is Steve Jarman of

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