Bennington continue to support HDT results
15 January 2003

Carriage manufactures Bennington have kindly agreed to sponsor the National HDT results service in 2003.

The complex calculations of times and penalties for the three phases of Horse Driving Trials competitions are done with the aid of computer scoring software at most National events. These involve the collection and inputting of around 70 pieces of information for each competitor - as staggering total of over 10,000 calculations for an event like the National Championships.

This information is displayed during the event on the master score board and is also converted to web page format for publication on the BHDTA website.

Detailed results for most National events are available on the website on the Sunday evening after the event finishes. For each competitor they include their dressage scores from all three judges, obstacle times and course penalties for the marathon and times and penalties for the cones, as well as the final placings.

It is thanks to Bennington Carriages that we are able to continue this service and we are very grateful for their continued support.

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