2002 IPEC World Carriage Driving Championships
3 July 2002

The 3rd World Carriage Driving Championships for disabled drivers (Singles) will be held in Greven-Bockholt, Germany from 22 to 29 September 2002. The championship will take place at the same time as the German national driving championships for pony teams and horse pairs.

The Organisers are Reit-und-Fahrverein St. Martin Greven-Bockholt and Deutsches Kuratorium f? Therapeutisches Reiten e.V. (DKThR)

Carriages may be two or four-wheeled. There will be three set of results. One for Grade I drivers, one for Grade II drivers and one for teams. The Marathon will be held on Saturday 28 September.

Upon request, the Organising Committee will provide horse and carriages with priority to competitors outside of Europe.

The International Paralympic Equestrin Committee (IPEC) supports international equestrian sport for people with disabilities. Medical Classifiers determine a Grade for each competitor. The IPEC produces rule books for Dressage and Driving as well as Dressage tests suitable for all Grades. The FEI and IPEC signed a cooperation agreement in 2001.

For more information, visit the IPEC or contact the secretary Sue Adams, Tel. 020 7394 7747 Fax: 020 7394 0737,