Michael Freund wins 2001-2 World Cup Series
7 April 2002

German driver Michael Freund has won the first ever Driving World Cup series. His first place in the final round of the competition at G?eborg in Sweden has put him at the top of the World Cup table, 10 points ahead of USA's Chester Weber and 11 points ahead of Christoph Sandman from Germany.

Freund was already certain of his win before the final event even started. Being on equal points with Chester Weber, all Freund had to do was to finish at G?eborg to take one point and guarantee a win because Weber had already driven in his 4 chosen events and wasn't competing at G?eborg . In the end, Freund showed the crowd at the Scandinavium what indoor four-in-hand driving was all about by scoring a convincing victory.

Plans are already being made for next year, when the World Cup series will consist of eight competitions plus a final, which will take place in G?eborg. More information about Driving World Cup competition and the drivers is available at

The results at G?eborg were:

1 Michael FREUND (GER) 102.10 seconds
2 Daniel W?GLER (SUI) 111.80
3 Tomas ERIKSSON (SWE) 116.31
4 Werner ULRICH (SUI) 119.88
5 Fredrik PERSSON (SWE) 121.80
6 Harry DE RUYTER (NED) 129.27

for the final World Cup points table.