Rule Changes for 2003
28 December 2002

As reported at the BHDTA Conference, there are no major rule changes for 2003 except for the introduction of FEI standard track widths for National events.

The only exception to this FEI rule is in the Horse Tandems class where the minimum track width for Cones is 138cm (the same as for Horse Singles).

The Marathon wheel width for all classes is 125cm.

Free replacement pages for the 2002 BHDTA rule books will be available after 1st February 2003. Please apply to the BHDTA office with an addressed envelope (at least A5 size) stamped with 33p.

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Scoring Rules

The BHDTA has never enforced the FEI rule change with regard to the scoring of marathon obstacles. It has been agreed to continue scoring as at present for 2003.

This means that the obstacle times are converted to penalties for each individual obstacle. But from 2004, the scores will be calculated as per the FEI rules, which require the times of all the obstacles to be totalled before being converted into penalties. The individual obstacle results on the scoreboard will then show the times in seconds for each obstacle, not the penalties.