Computer virus - check out the facts
13 May 2002

There has been a spate of virus-laden emails and hoax virus warnings circulating lately. Many that have arrived at the BHDTA office and at the website editor's office have also been addressed to other carriage drivers.

We urge everyone to be extremely cautious before opening any email attachments, particularly ones with strange sounding names. Some of these emails may appear to come from people you know because many virus-infected computers will send out emails to people in their address book - without the owners even realising that there's anything wrong.

We have also received hoax emails, warning us about viruses that don't actually exist, but asking us to forward the email to everyone we know. This can create as much concern as a genuine virus. In general, most emails that ask you to forward them to all your friends are usually hoaxes, chain letters or marketing scams and they should be ignored.

To help you identify genuine emails from virus infected ones, we have prepared a simple guide to virus-spotting and prevention. You can read it and print it out for future reference - it's only a couple of pages -

A link to the virus guide is also in the reference section on this website.