Carriage Drivers beware !
Letter from Heather Logsdon

I recently attended a court case which was quite disturbing for our sport.

A friend was driving his horse and carriage along his road. It is just wide enough for two cars to pass each other. As he approached a sharp left hand bend, his neighbour (with whom he has had run-ins before) came up behind him, honked her horn and pulled out to overtake.

At this point he was less than 2 cars lengths from the corner, so he put out his whip to try to stop her from overtaking on a blind bend. His whip touched her car but she carried on, passed him at speed and then cut in immediately in front of the horse and stopped, preventing him from carrying on.

To prevent further confrontation, my friend quietly turned his horse around and walked back from whence he came. His neighbour dialled 999 and reported that the whip had damaged the paintwork on her car bonnet, roof and offside door. The whip is an extending, fibreglass one with the usual platted cotton thong! How the alleged marks got onto the car, including the offside door, no-one knows.

However, the case went to court and the magistrates found him GUILTY of RECKLESS and MALICIOUS use of his whip! Carriage drivers beware - we need to educate the judicial system as well as the motorists. Needless to say, an appeal is pending - watch this space!

Kindest regards and safe driving - Heather.