Carriage Driving Video Clips
Watch carriage driving in action
Driving Trials - a time for change

'Our sport has come along way in a short time, it is changing, evolving into something new and wonderful.' A driving video montage compiled for the BHDTA 2010 End of Season Party by Cavewood productions.

Windsor 2010 The National Carriage Driving Championships 2010 from Windsor Great Park.
Holker 2010 The Holker National Driving Trials promotional video.
Catton 2010 Catton National Horse Driving Trials 2010. A video compilation showing the excitement and tension of this competition.
Sandringham 2010 Sandringham National Horse Driving Trials 2010. A video montage showcasing the driving competition, compiled by Cavewood Productions.
Royal Windsor Horse Show 2009 Video montage from the Carriage Driving competition at Royal Windsor Horse Show 2009
Video clip from Try Driving Trials DVD The British Horse Driving Trials Association have produced an Try Driving Trials DVD.
Carriage Driving in action Watch a video clip of Carriage Driving in action produced by Cavewood Productions.
Montage An exciting montage of carriage driving action from Tim Malloy of Cavewood Productions
National Championships 2008 Action from the 2008 National Carriage Driving Championships at Windsor
Interviews with Boyd Exell and Karen Bassett Watch video clips of Boyd Exell, the world's leading carriage driver and current FEI World Cup Champion, Karen Bassett, one of Britain's top four-in-hand drivers, IJsbrand Chardon, winner of the international Grand Prix and much more from Royal Windsor - brought to you by Horse Hero.

 video clips This is a collection of carriage driving clips from YouTube.
IJsbrand Chardon driving demo A driving demonstration by Dutch and multiple world champion four-in-hand driver IJsbrand Chardon at a gala show, demonstrating the speed, agility and dynamics of his horses.

FEI World Cup Driving Clips from the FEI World Cup Driving series of indoor driving events.
Boyd Exell in Geneva 2010 Boyd Exell's (AUS) winning round at the FEI World Cup Final in Geneva 2010
Boyd Exell in Stuttgart 2009 Boyd Exell's (AUS) winning round at the FEI World Cup Final in Stuttgart 2009
Jozsef Dobrovitz in Stuttgart 2009 Jozsef Dobrovitz (HUN) at FEI World Cup in Stuttgart 2009
Boyd Exell interview FEI-TV Interview with Boyd Exell after winning the World Cup Final in Geneva 2010

Problems ? Things don't always go smoothly.
Carriage horse problem 1 CAI Saumur (FRA) 2007 - Trying to reverse a 4-wheel carriage in an obstacle.
Carriage horse problem 2 CAI-Saumur (FRA) 2007 - Horse pair carriage overturns in an obstacle
Carriage horse problem 3 CAI Saumur (FRA) 2007 - Pair of horses get stuck either side of a post in an obstacle. It takes some time to get them out while the obstacle is cut with a chainsaw.
Horses bolt in Hungary Horse accident at a carriage driving event in Hungary. Horse pair carriage overturns, then horses bolt.
Fabiansebestyen (HUN) 2010 Horse four team out of control at Fabiansebestyen (HUN). TV news report in Hungarian.
Accident at Fairhill (USA) 2007 Harness broke in a water hazard going up a steep hill. The harness slid back acting as a bucking strap. No one was injured including the horse.
Country driving show gone wrong A Country showing class in the USA. One horse spooks and sets off a chain reaction, leaving most turnouts destroyed !
How not to break a horse to harness This video from Poland shows some very foolish and ignorant people doing everything wrong trying to break a horse to drive.