British Carriagedriving on-line event entry form
Redenham Park Regional Driving Trials
25-26 August 2018

Use this form only if you are able to pay by BACS bank transfer.
If you wish to pay by cheque, you must download and print the event entry form and post it with your payment.


COMPETITOR INFORMATION   Note: All blue boxes must be filled in
Competitor's name
Address   Postcode 
Mobile phone number
  Please give your contact number, preferably a mobile on which you can be contacted while at the event.
Competitor's email  
  You must give a valid email address, where you will receive your confirmation and BACS payment details.
BC membership No.
  You must be a member of British Carriagedriving in order to compete at National or Regional driving trials.
If you do not know your membership number, please contact British Carriagedriving
FEI Driver Registration No.    Required if entering an FEI class.

If the driver is under 18 years of age, the name of a responsible adult (over 18) who will be able to attend in case the driver's horse(s) are selected for drug testing, must be given on the entry form.
Date of birth (if under 21)    Name of responsible adult 


  Name of horse/pony Breed Age Sex Passport No.
Number of grooms and helpers expected to accompany driver to the event
Tick if you will be using electric fencing
Tick if you wish to participate in the Senior Points League (over 60 years of age)
Tick if this is your first national/regional event with a pair, tandem or team.


Please state any additional requirements or comments (e.g. carriage or groom sharing etc.)

Vehicle used for dressage/cones
Vehicle used for marathon
Marathon colours
Name of owner
Name of sponsor


I agree to abide by the Rules governing this event.
I confirm my horse(s) vaccination complies with the British Carriagedriving Rule Book, Annex 3, 1.3.
I confirm that my carriage(s) comply with the requirements of Article 937 and understand that my marathon carriage may be the subject of random weight checks to ensure compliance with article 937.4.


BC, BC Affiliated Clubs and the organisers of events run under BC rules all retain data provided by those entering such competitions. By completing the entry form and entering the competition, the competitor understands and agrees that:
  • This data is used for organising and running of the event and planning of future events.

  • The publication of results of the competitions and competitors on paper and electronic media.

  • The publication in any event catalogue of the county of residence of the competitor.

  • The use of the data for analysis purposes to include but not limited to: location of competitors, travelling distances to events, number of competitions attended in current and previous years, performance of competitors at events.

  Please type "agree" in the box to accept the above conditions.
If you do not complete this box, your will not be able to send your entry.

Additional caravans

No. of additional caravans Cost: 20 per caravan

Saturday evening meal tickets

  Number of tickets required Cost: 10 per person

Total to pay

Please give total payment including:
entry fee, start fee, plus extras
(catering, stables, bedding, hook-up)

  Total to pay by BACS

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Redenham 2018 Entry fee Start fee Total
Novices 95 29 124
Intermediate 100 39 139
Singles 120 39 159
Pairs / Tandems 120 49 169
Fours 140 60 200

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