British Carriagedriving Council

Chris Smith
Manningtree, Essex

James Broome
Chepstow, Monmouthshire

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George Bowman
Penrith, Cumbria

Mission Statement & Objectives
Minutes of Council meetings
Past Chairmen
James Broome
Chepstow, Monmouthshire

James Rooney
Dorking, Surrey
Dick Lane
Cranleigh, Surrey

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 AGM 2020
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 AGM  2019
Chris Smith
Manningtree, Essex

Jane Isaac
Oban, Argyll 

Ben Freer

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 AGM 2021 
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 AGM 2021
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AGM 2020
David West
Market Drayton, Shropshire
Angela Flanagan
Melton Mowbray
Patti Atkinson
Lanchester, Durham

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 AGM 2019
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AGM 2019
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 AGM 2020


Company Secretary Peter Bridson Executive Officer Mary Kusin Treasurer Ben Freer
Book keeper Rona Clark Safeguarding Officer John Anslow Website Editor Vic Kusin

British Carriagedriving  Committees

Roles & Responsibilities
A Committee is a formal part of our structure with the Chair on Council or a Council Member identified as Council Rep. on the committee
Working groups have a clearly identified role, sometimes to tackle a specific item.
Advisors/Consultants have a clear role, they can be invited to attend Council if required.
Other Groups - these are technically approved by Council, but are basically appointed by the group they represent.
Membership of Committees & Working Groups is reviewed annually.
The first name, shown in bold, is the group chairman.
For specific advice or information, you can contact committee members directly. Click on a name to email that person.


This committee of 3 officers and 1 nominated Council member, has the following functions:

With the guidance of the Treasurer, to consider BC budget & accounts.

To consider proposed changes & major expenses to be put to Council.

To have an overview of the working of Council & Committees.

To identify issues which BC should be considering.

Chris Smith

Ben Freer

James Broome


Competitions have a wide and varied role including:

The production of the National Driving Calendar.

Monitoring the class structure.

Producing lists of qualifiers for the National Championship & Driver of the Year.

Inspection of any new competition venues.

Overseeing the appointment of Course Designers and Technical delegates.

Liaising with the Judges Committee over dressage tests.

Jurisdiction over most aspects of event organisation.

David West

James Broome

Dick Lane

Frank Campbell

Dave Wheeldon


Responsibilities include:

Considering proposed rule changes by FEI & advise Council which rules should be accepted.

Identify any issues arising from changes to BC competitions.

Oversee amendments to the BC Rule Book & dissemination to members, event organisers & clubs.

Chris Smith

Philip Bateman

Andrew Counsell

George Bowman


The Committee has an important role which includes:

Monitor dressage tests & recommend any changes, in consultation with Competitions Committee.

Recruit probationary judges, supervise their training & when appropriate, recommend their promotion.

Together with the Training Group, organise the annual National Clinics.

In alternate years, assist in the Club Clinics.

Philippa Thompson

James Rooney

Angela Flanagan

Stuart Roberts

George Bowman

Sheila Petitpierre

Louise Ruffe


The Committee is responsible for:

Reviewing the BC Health & Safety Policy.

Offer advice to Council & Affiliated Clubs.

Monitor accident & incident reports and alert Council to any serious accidents or trends.

Peter Bridson

Tony Bache

David West

Frank Campbell

John Woollacott

Working Groups


Ensure that, through clinics, National Officials are made aware of current practice & relevant changes.

To support the UKCC programme.

To offer advice to groups & clubs organising training programmes.

James Rooney

Philip Bateman


Angela Flanagan
Sue Mart


Specific interest groups


Consists of the current Chefs d'Equipe for International Teams

Discuss all matters relating to International Teams and advise council
Organise group training when appropriate
Share experiences to assist in planning for future team events.
Identify and train future Chefs
If international events are oversubscribed, Chef d'Equipe allocates places

Single Horse Minta Winn
Horse Pairs Minta Winn
Horse Fours Zoe Morgan
Ponies Jill Holah
Para Driving Julie Camm
Young drivers Mary Jane Campbell


Bring members' and class issues to the attention of council.
Facilitate the exchange of views and ideas between members and Council

Single Ponies Rosanna Walters-Symons
Single Horses Sarah Meredith
Pony Pairs Jo Rennison
Horse Pairs Derrick Mayes
Horse & Pony Tandems David Taylor
Pony Fours Sara Howe
Horse Fours George Bowman IV


Mary Jane Campbell,
Anna Grayston,
Sara Howe,
Emily Ham,
Emily Viller,

Katy Alvis


Julie Camm
Rachel Belliere-Wilson
Margaret Brockie
Sara Howe
Advisors, Consultants and Volunteers
FEI & International Philip Bateman
Safeguarding Equestrian Sport John Anslow
Volunteers Julia Crockford
200 Club Louise McCutcheon
Scoring Mike Watts

British Carriagedriving Event Officials

BC event officials list

This list contains contact details of British Carriagedriving officials: Judges, Technical Delegates, Course Designers and Scorers. The file is in PDF format.

UKCC qualified driving coaches


Registered event photographers

List of BC registered event photographers and photographer registration form